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About Me
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I’ve been in the hair industry since 2012, and yes, I’m still just as obsessed. My love for hair and education began when I attended my first bootcamp class at Nine Zero One Salon, where I learned to perfect my fave blondes, brondes, and brunette colors. Color to me has always been such a fascination, but I always felt like I could truly only achieve the best results if I could somehow provide full and thick hair universally to my clients - then came Natural Beaded Row (NBR) hair extensions. I have been certified in the NBR technique for over 2 years, and it is now what I solely specialize in. I believe it to be the best technique on the market for extensions.


I opened up my pride and joy, Haven Salon, in 2016. To say that the salon is my baby is kind of an understatement. The women I work with are my family, our clients are our girlfriends, and the passion we have for the industry is undeniable. I truly love, love, love my job.


(casual things about me)

I pretty much run on coffee until I'm ready for cabernet //

I love all things cozy, from home decor to my mustard sweater collection //

cooking and making charcuterie boards is another passion of mine besides beautifying my clients //

traveling is one of my hubby + I’s fave things to do together, or eat, or hangout on the couch, same diff //

Britney Spears > Christina Aguilera forever and always, sorry //

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