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please note - I specialize in custom hair coloring + extension services, these are the only services I am currently offering.

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I offer a free consultation with hair extension applicants to ensure the best results. Each consult is personalized to your needs so you can achieve the hair you've always dreamed of! 


You can expect to invest $1100-$2000 for your initial appointment. This will include hair color, the extension hair, custom color matching, installation, cut & style. 


*I require a non-refundable $400 deposit upon booking. This deposit will be applied to the overall balance of the appointment. This deposit secures your appointment time, and partially pays for extension hair.


Returning clients can expect their maintenance appointments to cost between $150 - $450 on average. Appointments include -

*Re-tightening the extensions every 8 - 10 weeks.

*Refreshing their extensions by switching out a few old pieces with a few new pieces of hair, instead of completely replacing all of their hair. Each new piece costs $100.

Begin Your Application

Have you had extensions before?
Are you currently wearing extensions?
Is your hair at least shoulder length? * it is recommended to have shoulder length or longer hair in order for the extensions to properly blend.
Which of the following best describes your hair type?
Is your hair currently colored?
Are you looking to change your color completely or stay with something similar to what you currently have?

Photo Application

Follow the instructions below to upload pictures. This is the FINAL and MOST IMPORTANT stage of the application. 

1. Must be photo of current hair

2. Must have clear view of front + back of hair

3. Take photo in natural lighting or indoors (no flash please)

4. No filters

5. Take three photos + upload below

Front Photo
Back Photo
Inspiration Photo
Are you ready to invest in yourself + experience handtied extensions in my chair?

talk soon !

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